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Healing Hands Osteopathy: Where the Power of Touch meets the Art of Healing

Osteopathy in and of itself is very unique healing modality, and a great description of why can be found here: Four Tenants and 5 Pillars of Health.

In today's complex world, individuals are increasingly seeking alternative and natural therapies to heal from injury and trauma, promote and enhance overall well-being, as well as to prevent future health related issues. One such discipline gaining prominence is Osteopathy, with Healing Hands Osteopathy emerging as a key provider in the healing community. 

What sets Healing Hands Osteopathy Apart:

Healing Hands Osteopathy offers a unique and compassionate approach to holistic care for Calgary Osteopathy services that results from:

  • A Compassionate, intuitive, and scientific approach to healing and recovery based on 20+ years of hands on manual therapeutic practice

  • A background in Neuropsychology and Counselling to support trauma recovery 

  • Multiple Extern terms at the Upledger Clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Ongoing diverse training in multiple healing modalities and fields 

  • Former ballet and ballroom dancer, athlete, and artist who understands the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit

  • Lifetime of meditative practice which brings a calm and grounded presence to each session 

  • A personal understanding of serious injury and the process of recovery 

  • A speciality in Women's Health, PTSD, Trauma, Concussion, Post-Consscusion Syndrome, and Chronic Pain.

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