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As some of you already know, I was in a significant collision this past July 16th.  Due to this, I'll be out of "treatment mode" for a while, but will let you all know when I'm back up to speed.

If anyone would like a referral, please let me know and I'll pass...

It's that time of year again where we feel compelled to make the Resolutions for Change that we could choose to make at any point in the year because we see the New Year as a fresh start.

As a culture, we do it every year, most often with the same results:  A few weeks...

And so this is Christmas!  

It has me, again, pondering the nature of gifts and of giving, and I am reminded of Rumi's famous quote: 

"When we practice loving kindness and compassion

we are the first ones to profit."  

Even the most minute act of kindness has th...


You've worked hard all year and paid into your health benefits plan so don't let those benefits go to waste!

As most plans expire at the end of the year and do not roll over, any unused amount is wasted money and a waste...

Hello all!

With cold and flu season upon us, I am adopting a new protocol at my clinic to be effective immediately. 

Due to concerns for my immuno compromised clients, especially those receiving chemo, I am requesting that if you are sick or feel that you are coming down...